Why your brand needs a social media strategy in 2021?
Why your brand needs a social media strategy in 2021?

Why your brand needs a social media strategy in 2021?

In Australia alone, 71% of the overall population have active social media accounts – that’s 18 million people (Hootsuite). What’s more, the events of 2020 have only furthered the push towards digital media: working remotely, online shopping, virtual socialising – the list goes on. 

The continued shift towards digital media and online shopping presents an unmissable opportunity for business owners who have yet to make the social switch. 

Your business can immensely benefit from incorporating an intelligent social media strategy into your overall digital campaign, and here is why.

1. Drive traffic to your website

54% of social media users use their platforms to search for products (GlobalWebIndex). This means, whether you’re a local business looking to generate a healthy following or an eCommerce brand looking to drive conversions on a global scale, you simply cannot ignore social media’s potential to drive traffic to your website.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat all offer awesome avenues to advertise your product, and with billions of users using at least one (if not all three) of these platforms daily, you can be sure that with a clever strategy in place your business can potentially reach a wealth of new leads.

2. Enhance your overall SEO

SEO and social media work in conjunction with one another to produce a winning online strategy. You simply cannot rely on SEO alone to boost your website’s rankings: in the digital era consumers are using social media more and more to search for products, and this will only continue with time, so it is vital for you to incorporate both into your digital strategy.

One example is the way in which social media profiles often feature highly in search results. The way this occurs is through a successful social account having a high number of quality leads who interact with the brand’s content.

However, to win quality followers who actually want to interact with your content, you have to develop a creative, cohesive social media strategy, as potential followers can recognise a shoddy campaign and will unfollow accordingly.

3. Social drives conversions

Not only is social media content an awesome way to drive web traffic and boost SEO, but quality social media content can actually win conversions off their own merit. 

If you, your team or an experienced social media marketer produce valuable content that sparks your target audience’s interest, you could see a huge increase in conversions simply from posting this valuable content alone. 

It could be a sharp image showing off a new product, a blog post that proves your brand is the true industry authority, or video stream demonstrating a product and its benefits for customers – either way social media posts are a conversion driving force to be seriously considered in the new year.

4. Contact Light Forest to get started

Light Forest and its team of social media experts have years of experience in producing winning campaigns that drive traffic and web conversions. 

If you would like to find out more about how our social media campaigns can usher your brand into a new era of digital success, simply get in contact by calling our team or submitting an enquiry form via our contact page. 


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