Why is SEO important?
Why is SEO important?

Why is SEO important?

Effective SEO makes your website more visible to the public, but this isn’t the only reason why it is such an important modern marketing tool. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why SEO is such a valuable concept and how it can help your business thrive in the digital arena.

SEO makes a brand more reputable

Businesses with a clean, safe website that is easily visible to the public are more likely to be viewed as an industry authority. In fact, page one of Google search results accounts for 95% of all website clicks (Chitika).

Plenty of time and effort goes into ensuring a website is a trustworthy source for both products and information, with factors including keyword research, content creation, link building and more going into ensuring a website is more searchable and, in turn, reliable.

Quality SEO creates an enhanced user experience

A well-established, SEO-friendly website is vital for creating a healthy user experience.

Furthermore, Google can tell if a website is providing its customers with a positive user experience or not based upon the data collected from page visits. This means, if a user is unhappy with what they found and leave the page within a few seconds of opening it, Google will pick up on this and penalise the website accordingly.

SEO helps increase conversions

The undeniable element defining SEO’s importance is the way it can help increase a company’s conversions. Creating a highly visible, SEO-friendly website takes plenty of time and patience, however once a website starts to climb the search engine rankings it can see a great increase in conversion rates.

Furthermore, leads are far more likely to convert due to them actively seeking out a business’s product. 14.6% of leads that come from organic searches convert, as opposed to 1.7% from more traditional advertising methods like print and or mail.

Organic search is a top source of web traffic

Google is, of course, the world’s most visited website. This is followed by YouTube which is owned by Google. 51% of all web traffic comes from organic search results, with other platforms like social media and email making up the rest.

When people want to buy a specific product they will actively seek it out through Google or another search engine, and this is why it’s important for a business to have a high quality SEO strategy that can help make it more visible to the public.

It is a long term investment

SEO strategy is something that is constantly changing and being updated, and given that organic search is the one of the world’s most popular product finding resources, it is something that should be considered as an active part of a business’s overall marketing strategy.

It is a long term investment that when conducted by the right team can return incredible results and conversions for the business. But, for this to happen, the right team has to be enlisted to ensure there is a comprehensive, long term strategy.


Why is SEO important?

Effective SEO makes your website more visible to the public, but this isn’t the only reason why it is such an important modern marketing tool…

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